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We design and manufacture for the world's largest auto parts supplier DELPHI various fixtures, automation equipment. With DELPHI enters the auto parts market, make it become an important branch of business we. DELPHI's lean production management ...

Valeo group is a professional committed to the automotive components, systems, module design, development, production and sales of industrial group, is the world's leading auto parts suppliers. We for Valeo automotive safety system in wuxi design and manufacture ...

DANA is a history of more than one hundred years of auto parts manufacturers, such as axle, transmission design, the manufacture of one of the leaders. We provide manufacturing, testing, etc for DANA multiple solutions.

Seagate is a leading global supplier of data storage equipment, business throughout the world. We are proud to provide service for Seagate!

World famous pharmaceutical company, Roche in is also a world-class quality requirements. We offer world-class products to world-class companies also confirms our strength!

One of the world's largest standard parts supplier!

The world famous parts manufacturers to start!